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Michael Works in Metal

Treble/Bass Clef Earrings Treble & Bass Clef Earrings
I made this pair of earrings to satisfy an assignment I was given during my second semester in metalworking class. The assignment asked for a pair of earrings that complemented each other. On the suggestion of a friend, I decided to base the design on the treble clef and bass clef. Physical limitations prompted me to make Thumbnailthe earrings complementary in another way: one uses positive space (treble), the other uses negative space (bass).

Rose Quartz Earrings with Spiral Rose Quartz Earrings with Spiral
Mom loves spirals, and she also doesn't mind receiving a Thumbnailpair of earrings for Mother's day. Instead of a glossy sheen, the spirals feature a hammered finish. The rose quartz beads came from an old necklace that she donated to my cause a while back. They proved very useful, becoming part of several of my pieces so far. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of my favorite piece that I used the beads in; I sold it in an art show and did not have a chance to photograph it.

Mountain Dulcimer Earrings Mountain Dulcimer Earrings
A gift for a friend who happens to be a music teacher. The Mountain Dulcimer is a folk instrument and, from what I gather, originated in Appalachia. This pair of Dulcimers doesn't play, but I did pack a good amount of detail into their design.

Harp Earrings Harp Earrings
As the semester drew to a close, I decided I should hurry up and make some earrings. I had some extra silver wire, and my thoughts went from wire, to strings, to stringed instruments, and finally to a Thumbnailtiny silver harp. And that's what I made. Two of them. It took a while, as the thick wire was difficult to bend in the exact shape I wanted, and the extra thin wire (used for the harp strings) is prone to melting if the torch is near enough for too long. One thing I like about the harps is they can stand up on their own when discconnected from the earring wires.

Cow Earrings Cow Earrings
My sister loves cows, so I made her these silver earrings in the shape of Earth's most beloved animal, the cow. Having always provided milk, cheese, and ice cream; the almighty bovine is now Thumbnailshiny and made of sterling silver.

Musical Earrings Musical Earrings
While the title fits most of the earrings on this page, I chose the name for obvious reasons. This pair was made to go with the treble clef on the pendants page. Here is a Thumbnailpicture of the entire set.