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Michael Works in Metal

Treasure Chest Treasure Box
This treasure chest is, by far, my most difficult project to date. The bottom half alone has 11 different pieces of silver attached to it with solder, while the top half, the lid, has eight. Most difficult were the corner pieces, but the folding of the copper was not an easy task either. These extra pictures show the box Thumbnailcracked open and from a Thumbnailreverse viewpoint. The stone button you see in the center of the lid is lapis lazuli.

Bronze Pretzel Bronze Pretzel
I made this piece in a short two days to satisfy my casting requiement for the semester. The pretzel is bronze with sterling silver "salt" pieces. It was cast using the lost wax method. The silver salt pieces were embedded in the wax pretzel, allowing the bronze to bond with the silver when it was cast. Here is more information about the lost wax method.