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Michael Works in Metal

Circle Design Arc Design
This was my first piece. It's a design I created on my computer. Notice that it is composed entirely of arcs. I love this shape and I wear Thumbnailthe piece on a leather cord around my neck. An in-progress picture may be seen Thumbnailhere. I receive more compliments on this piece than I ever expected.

Treble Clef Necklace Treble Clef Necklace
This is a contemporary design that I am particularly proud of. Complementary positive and negative sides merge together to form a clearly visible treble clef. A cute Thumbnailquarter note forms the loop to put a chain through. A pair of earrings made to match can be seen on the earrings page.

Rose Pendant Rose Pendant
This Thumbnailhighly polished rose is made of sterling silver. I drew the design by hand on paper, along with several others that didn't meet the mark. This one looked the best, so I used my handy saw (which you can see surrounding this page) to bring it to life.

Spiral Pendant with Green Center Spiral Pendant with Green Center Stone
This pendant is a very simple sterling silver spiral with a single set stone in the center. The stone is synthetic, with iridescent properties. The necklace was a surprise hit. It did not take very long to make, but the wearer reports that it prompts many complements.

Triforce Logo Triforce Logo
My first commissioned piece is this silver pendant. The shape is the triforce design from The Legend of Zelda, a popular video game. Here is Thumbnailone more photo. It is the exact size of a US quarter.

"I Love You" Pendant "I Love You" Pendant
My second piece, this pendant features a hand in the shape of "I Love You" from American sign language. The hand is pressed copper, gold plated; the outer ring is copper. I refuse to entertain the notion that the pendant is a representation of Univerity of Texas' "Hook em Horns" hand sign.